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Many organization are still running SAP Business Objects 3.1 even though SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 si available with much more features. Professional with knowledge of SAP BO 3.1 and SAP BO 4.0 are and with SAP acquisition of BO SAP BI/BW skills along with SAP BO skills are in high demand. Following are some of the good books on SAP Business Objects 4.0 as well as SAP Business Objects 3.1. These books will help SAP BO 3.1 professional to gain understanding of new features in SAP BO 4.0 as well as will help experienced one to gain more insight on best practices, implementation etc.

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 The Complete Reference 3/E

Author of this book is well known person in BIDW area and to SAP Business Objects folks. This updated version of book covers SAP BusinessObjects 4.0. This book will be very helpful to SAP Business Objects 3.1 folks who want to learn SAP BO 4.0 as it has many new things like Information Design Tool, Dashboard Builder.

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 Cookbook

This is a very good book for those who want to understand the new version 4 of BOBJ dashboarding.There are simply too many good examples in this book that I know everyone will need in the future as they are developing custom dashboards. It is clearly not a reference book for looking up individual items. Instead this book provides practical guides for HOW to complete task, instead of what you ‘need to do’ which has been a short-coming in other dashboarding books.

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

This book is comprehensive, giving coverage to advanced features like report bursting via Publications, related tools like Live Office, linking multiple report documents, and new features introduced in Web Intelligence XI 3.1 SP2. Business users who are new to SAP BusinessObjects tools will benefit greatly from the book’s methodical coverage of Web Intelligence. Traditional SAP users, in particular, should embrace this book readily, as Web Intelligence is replacing older SAP BI tools in the product portfolio.

Other some of the best books on SQL

Business Objects XI – CBT: Web Intelligence XIBusiness Objects: BusinessObjects Web Intelligence XI V3.1Reporting and Analysis with SAP BusinessObjects (2nd Edition)Creating Dashboards with SAP BusinessObjects (2nd Edition)

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