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Books to Understanding NO SQL & Its Applications

With the rise of data concept of BigData was introduced which lays ground work for analyzing variety of data which also is Big in volume. On similar lines, concepts of NO SQL databases is also gaining due to its ability of faster data processing which may not be possible with traditional databases.
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Good Books to Understand Concept of BigData

What is BigData? Do i have so called BigData problem or I just have normal data which can be analyzed using traditional BI tools. What are the typical problems of BigData and solutions? Which tools i should be using to analyze BIgData.

To answer all above question one needs to understand the basics of BigData. Without knowing what really is BigData you wont be able to appreciate the its importance and possible solutions and benefits of it.
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Top 3 Best Books to Get Started on Learning Hadoop

Hadoop is one of the hot skills in BigData and demand in constantly increasing day by day as industry adopts Hadoop as there BIgData analysis technology. However learning Hadoop by just reading tutorials might give you a basic idea of concepts but may not useful to if you really want build Hadoop skill set in terms of career perspective.
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List of Books on Hadoop and related Components

Following are the list of all books on Hadoop and its related components by its learning level
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Understanding HDFS Architecture – Part 2

This is a second post in continuation to “Understanding HDFS Architecture”. In this post we will discuss basic components of HDFS.


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