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Using Custom Sort in Web Intelligence Report

Sorting values in a table is the most trivial operation a report developer would do J However there are situation when sort requirement are beyond ascending and descending.
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Ranking data in web intelligence report.

There are many instances where business users demand reports to show top n/ bottom n data. This kind of requirement can be fulfilled using ranking.

Ranking can be done by two ways.
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Using Alerters to Highlight Information on Web Intelligence Report

Alerter is a pretty useful features in web intelligence report which help to high light the information based on certain condition.

e.g. If you want to highlight revenue when it comes down below threshold you can user alerter.
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Using Sections in Web Intelligence Report

Break group’s data within the block however section can be used to group the data and display in a nicer way across the report. The main advantage of section is it can display group value as a header and using data map user can easily navigate section as it is displayed as group tree.
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Creating Report Filters in Web Intelligence Report

There are two types of filters you can create to limit the data showed on report.

Query Filter – This filter is created at query level and it limits the data returned by query and it’s created while creating a query for report in query editor.

Report Filter – Report filters are created at report level and is generally filters the data at report level unlike query level. Report filter can be viewed as a way to hide records at report level. Report filter does reduces the data returned by query it simply hides the filtered data.

There three types of report filter to filter the data at report level.

Report Filter using Show/Hide Filter Pane:

This type of report filter will allow choosing the operator (in list, not equal to) for filtering the data. This report filter can be global report filter which when used can filter data across all the data blocks or it could be a data block specific filter. This type of filter allows using dimension, detailing as well as measure object to be used in filter.

To create a report filter:

1. Click on “Show/Hide Filter Pane” icon from the toolbar. It’s on left side


2. Drag-drop the object you want to create filter on. If you want to create report filter click on while area of report. If you want to create block specific filter select the data particular block while creating a filter.

3. Select the filter operator.


4. Click OK.

Report Filter Add Filter (Quick Filter):

This type of filter is called as quick filter as it can be created quickly by simply selecting the data column of particular data block. Quick filters are block-specific. You cannot create global filter using quick filter.

To create quick Filter:

1. Select the data block to create filter on.

2. Click on Quick Filter and select Add Quick Filter icon from toolbar


3. Select the value as filter


4. Click ok.

Report Filter using Show/Hide Report Toolbar:

These types of filters are interactive filters which lets user to choose the filter value from filter toolbar. These are global filters and affects all the data block in which the filter object was used. These filters uses only equal-to operator and user can not select multiple value to filter on.

To create such filter

1. Click on “Show/Hide Report Toolbar” icon from left side of toolbar


2. Drag –drop the object to create filter (only dimension objects are allowed.)

3. Now user can select the filter value dynamically.


Note: Quick filter and Interactive filters are only available in Java Report panel and Rich Client.