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Data Warehousing Concepts and Data Warehouse Project Lifecycle

Data Warehousing Concepts
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Enhancements and Helpdesk

Once the new data warehouse is deployed and its in use. You will get lot of enhancement and change request as users will see a new system and new ideas will pop in their mind. be ready. Also make sure you have very good helpdesk ready for users to solve user problems.

Deployment and Training

Development is over and testing results are quite good. There are no major bugs or issues. Data quality is good, ETL is doing its job well. Now we are ready to roll out the data warehouse for actual use. Have detailed deployment plan ready along with production environment details. Announce the deployment to business users like a movie launch. Make sure you stick to date :).
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Having a testing plan ready in advance is always advisable as it also help the development steps to test it timely. Once data warehouse is ready and ETL transformation is in place get all the components and modules tested from testing team. Testing teams needs to be aware of Business process along with technical details of data warehouse. following are the areas where testing needs to be done before rolling out the data warehouse.
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Design and Development

This is the actual start of your Data Warehouse project. Following things needs to executed in this step.

1. Design a data model based on requirement analysis. It could be star schema or snowflake schema based on requirement. Data modeling consist of following three parts.
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