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TDWI CBIP Certification

Being a Business Intelligence professional, you must have done certifications in various BI tools like SAP Business Objects, Cognos however these are vendor specific and technology oriented certifications which test your knowledge in particular technology or tool. Since, all those  years working on various BI projects you must have acquired solid understanding of Data Warehousing concepts. Then you should consider getting certified on as CBIP by TDWI (Certified Business Intelligence Professional). Its a vendor neutral certification which tests your understanding of core knowledge of computers are related areas and various data warehousing knowledge areas. Below are the details of this certification.
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Fast changing dimension and how to handle it in data warehouse system

A dimensions is said to fast changing or rapidly changing dimensions if one or more of its attributes changes very fast and in many rows.

e.g. Consider a Employee dimensions where there are 1000 rows in it.
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Understanding OLAP and Type of OLAP

Online analytical processing is the capability to store and manage data in such a way the it can be used to generate actionable information which can be useful in decision making.

As per BI architecture OLAP sits between Data Warehouse and Data Access tools.

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