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This tutorial assumes you are familiar with Windows environment and database concepts mostly Oracle SQL.

1. Open the Crystal Reports Designer from Start->All Programs-Crystal Reports 2008

2. Click on File->New->Standard Report

Crystal Report has four types of report

Standard Report

Cross-Tab Report

Mailing Label Report

OLAP-Cube Reports

I don’t think I need to to explain report types as their name itself is very intuitive

Crystal Report Tutorial

3. After Clicking on Standard Report, It will open Standard Report Creation Wizard and Data Connection Window will open up.

Here you will have to choose the data source for report by specifying Data connection details.

4. Select the Database Type

Crystal Reports Tutorial

5. After selecting database type and double clicking, details window will open up. Provide the connection details.

I am using Oracle as a data source and I have Oracle Client installed on my machine for Oracle Native connectivity.

Crystal Reports Tutorial 6. Select Oracle schema and table on which you want to create report and click on Next.

Crystal Reports Tutorial7. Next Window will show the relationship between table by keys, you can check and if not correct you re-arrange by dragging the fields.

Crystal Reports Tutoroial8. Crystal Reports by defaults joins table using inner join, if you want to change the join type and other linking options. Click on link and the click on “Link Option”

Crystal Reports Tutorial9. Select the fields to be displayed on report and click Next.

Crystal Reports Tutorial10. If you want to use any measures/aggregates specify the grouping field.

Crystal Reports Tutorial11. Specify Record Selection Field to have filter in Report.

Crystal Reports Tutorial12. Select the Template if you want to and click finish.

13. Sometimes Crystal Will ask you to provide connection details of database again provide the details and click OK. You will see report with the data.

This Crystal Report Tutorial is very basic and good for some one who want to start learning Crystal Report, I will keep posting the Tutorials in this series going forward.

Let me know if you want to see Tutorial on Specific Topic.

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