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The Data Warehouse (OLAP) is  different from the operational database(OLTP) which is used and maintained for day-to-day operational systems. Following are the few differences:


  • application oriented
  • detailed
  • accurate, as of the moment of access
  • serves the clerical community
  • can be updated
  • requirements for processing understood before initial development
  • compatible with the Software Development Life Cycle
  • performance sensitive
  • accessed a unit at a time
  • transaction driven
  • control of update a major concern in terms of ownership
  • high availability
  • managed in its entirety
  • nonredundancy
  • static structure; variable contents
  • small amount of data used in a process



  • subject oriented
  • summarized, otherwise refined
  • represents values over time, snapshots
  • serves the managerial community
  • is not updated
  • requirements for processing not completely understood before development
  • completely different life cycle
  • performance relaxed
  • accessed a set at a time
  • analysis driven
  • control of update no issue
  • relaxed availability
  • managed by subsets
  • redundancy
  • flexible structure
  • large amount of data used in a process
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